Art Portfolio

Welcome to my world of creating.  When I look at the world, I see so many things that are able to be reused.  Maybe this is my small way to help save Mother Earth.  I love to find things to create texture and movement in my paintings; that bring them to life and give them dimension. I am very tactile and love to feel or imagine how something feels. I am amazed by how much a simple touch can inspire me to create.  These are the reasons I went down this path of mixed media exploration.  I find it crazily exciting how paint entangles itself with all my different finds.  Using techniques honed over a lifetime of experience, acrylics and other media have been layered to capture light and shadow in a way I hope piques the viewer’s interest, allowing a portal into my soul.

Each piece is unique and custom. If you are interested in your own unique piece, please contact me