My Story


“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.” Buddha

I was born an artist. I felt the pull to create as early on as I can remember and I continued to create art all my life,but as life began to fill with family and career, I found myself only creating in my spare time. I knew all those years that there was a deep longing to do more, but I always let other responsibilities come first.

This all began to change the day my path crossed an energy work practitioner.  It was this day that my life and my art finally became intertwined into one.  I discovered that we are all energetic beings, longing to be connected to the universe and as an artist I began to recognize the need we all have to connect to that energy, so we can create to our fullest potential.  It was only then, when my energy centers opened and remained open, that I experienced the awesome power of the universal life-force energy that connects and feeds my art.

As I continued to expand and open, I felt this longing to discover more.  This desire to learn about energy work, led me down the path to becoming a Reiki energy work practitioner.  My training has not only given me the ability to connect myself to the beautiful energies of the universe, but I also have the honor of sharing this incredible gift with others so that they too can feel wonderfully alive and connected.

The artist I was born to be has finally been set free!  I found the gift of energy that opened me up to my true, creative self and I now share this gift with others through the art I create and through my Reiki practice. I no longer separate my career and my art, creating only in my spare time.  I now combine the two.  It had to happen.  The universe was not going to see it any other way.  My art, my energy work; they can’t be pulled apart, they don’t want to be pulled apart.  It’s what feeds me.